Mudah sahaja. Kereta kita sekarang 100% mengunakan petrol/disel. Kalau lah kereta kita itu guna 50% petrol/disel dan 50% air kan jimat? Jadi alat ini (hydrogen booster) ini adalah di mana air ditukar kepada gas hydrogen dan di injek masuk dalam kebuk bersama dengan petrol/disel. Jadi kereta kita tadi guna gas separuh dan petrol/disel separuh. OK jadi jimat sangatlah…….

Jadi, apa pula bezanya dgn hybrid hydrogen car yang sedang di hebuh hebuhkan sekarang dan akan berada dalam pasaran sedikit masa lagi?

Hydrogen car itu kereta guna gas hydrogen 100%. Kereta kita ini guna 50% hydrogen. Hybrid Hydrogen car itu kosnya berganda dari kos kereta sekarang. Kereta kita yang guna hydrogen booster pula adalh kereta yang kita pakai hari2 sekarang, cuma di pasang alat hydrogen booster dgn kos antara RM1,400 – 2,400 sahaja.


prius-94.jpg Toyota PriusThe number-one selling hybrid car. The Prius is nearly synonymous with “hybrid.” 46 MPG Hybrid Sedan $20,900 Now
civic-hybrid-94.jpg Honda Civic HybridFuel efficiency, full-hybrid system, and a sleek design. 42 MPG Hybrid Sedan $22,600 Now
smart-94.jpg Smart ForTwoThe Smart ForTwo has a cute, citified presence with chic European roots. 36 MPG Small Car Coupe $15,000 Now
mini-94.jpg Mini CooperThe hip and stylish Cooper achieves 32 city/40 highway, while the more athletic Cooper S rates at a still impressive 29 city/36 highway. 35 MPG Small Car Coupe $18,700 Now
nissan-alt-hyb-94.jpg Nissan Altima HybridThe Altima Hybrid is essentially a Toyota hybrid wrapped in Nissan’s attractive packaging. 34 MPG Hybrid Sedan $25,100 Now
camry-hyb-94.jpg Toyota Camry HybridThe hybrid version of the Camry beats the fuel efficiency of the V6 version by 10 mpg. 33 MPG Hybrid Sedan $25,200 Now
escape-94.jpg Ford Escape HybridThe overall most fuel efficient SUV. 32 MPG Hybrid SUV $26,300 Now
mariner-94.jpg Mercury Mariner HybridSlightly upscale version of the Ford Escape Hybrid. 32 MPG Hybrid SUV $27,000 Now
yaris-b-94.jpg Toyota YarisThe Yaris is generally considered the leader of the subcompact triumvirate, which includes the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa. 32 MPG Small Car Sedan $12,000 Now
mazda-tribute-small.jpg Mazda Tribute HybridThe 2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid is basically a re-skinned Ford Escape Hybrid, using the same powertrain and many of the same interior bits. 32 MPG Hybrid SUV n/a Now
cooper-clubman-small.jpg Mini Cooper ClubmanThe same hip and efficient Mini Cooper, but with a longer body and wheelbase. 32 MPG Small Car Coupe $19,900 Now
fit-94.jpg Honda FitThe Fit has a smart, but playful appearance, a deceivingly large and versatile five-passenger interior, and enjoys top-notch Honda build quality and reliability. 31 MPG Small Car Sedan $14,600 Now
e320-94.jpg Mercedes E320 BluetecThe E320 Bluetec luxury sedan uses a modern diesel system to deliver efficiency and eco-friendliness. 31 MPG Diesel Sedan $52,300 Now
corolla-small.jpg Toyota CorollaPopular and practical model with fuel efficiency approaching the hybrid realm. 30 MPG Small Car Sedan $14,200 Now
xd-small.jpg Scion xDSmall and efficient like the xA, but edgier and more powerful. 30 MPG Small Car Sedan $14,500 Now
kia-rio-small.jpg Kia RioPlain-Jane from from front to back, inside and out, the Kia Rio makes no false promises. It’s affordable and efficient. 29 MPG Small Car Sedan $10,900 Now
focus-small.jpg Ford FocusComfortable, controllable, efficient, and very affordable. 29 MPG Small Car Sedan $14,700 Now
matrix-small.jpg Toyota MatrixA segment buster: part compact car, part sport wagon, and part small crossover utility. 29 MPG Small Car SUV $16,200 Now
chevy-malibu-hybrid-94.jpg Chevrolet Malibu HybridThe familiar family sedan now with dramatic changes in style, refinement, and performance. And a hybrid drive. 28 MPG Stop-Start Sedan $22,800 Now
versa-94.jpg Nissan VersaOffered in two body styles, a sporty 5-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan, the Versa is the largest and most powerful entry-level city car. 28 MPG Small Car Sedan $13,600 Now
vue-greenline-full.jpg Saturn Vue Green LineThe Vue Green Line is the low-cost low-benefit hybrid SUV. 27 MPG Stop-Start SUV $24,200 Now
aura-gl-94.jpg Saturn Aura Green LineSaturn aims for hybrid affordability. 27 MPG Stop-Start Sedan $22,100 Now
rx-94.jpg Lexus RX 400hEverything a luxury SUV buyer seeks—in a greener package. 26 MPG Hybrid SUV $42,000 Now
highlander-94.jpg Toyota Highlander HybridMore affordable than the Lexus RX400h, more powerful than Ford’s hybrid SUVs, and more efficient than GM’s full-size SUV hybrids. 26 MPG Hybrid SUV $33,700 Now
xb-small.jpg Scion xBGood fuel efficiency for the little wagon. Unmistakably urban and youthful. 25 MPG Small Car Van $15,700 Now
sx4-small.jpg Suzuki SX4The most affordable all-wheel-drive vehicle on the road today. 24 MPG Small Car Sedan $15,300 Now
lexus-gs450h-94.jpg Lexus GS 450hRace-car-like acceleration, luxurious appointments, and half-way decent fuel efficiency. 23 MPG Hybrid Sedan $54,900 Now
ml320-94.jpg Mercedes ML 320 CDIThe Mercedes Benz ML 320 CDI is the brand’s mid-size diesel-powered sport utility vehicle, and perhaps one of the most economical people-movers in its class. 23 MPG Diesel SUV $44,400 Now
cherokee-crd-94.jpg Jeep Grand Cherokee CRDFollowing the success of the diesel version of the Jeep Liberty in 2005, Jeep now offers their newest diesel powertrain mated to the Grand Cherokee. 22 MPG Diesel SUV $34,400 Now
chevrolet-impala-small.jpg Chevrolet Impala E85The popular sedan is one of the front-running flagships of the E85 movement. 22 MPG E85 Ethanol Sedan $22,400 Now
tahoe-94.jpg Chevrolet Tahoe HybridA new breed of full-size SUV that is significantly greener than its gas-powered counterparts 21 MPG Hybrid SUV $50,500 Now
lexus-ls-600h-94.jpg Lexus LS 600h LThe Lexus LS 600h L is the most bizarre and misguided hybrid. 21 MPG Hybrid Sedan $104,000 Now
chevy-malibu-hybrid-94.jpg Chrysler Sebring E85America’s top-selling convertible boasts a new hardtop and E85-friendliness. 21 MPG E85 Ethanol Sedan $29,300 Now
dodge-caravan-small.jpg Dodge CaravanOne of the true workhorse E85 vehicles. 18 MPG E85 Ethanol Van $22,400 Now
chevy-silverado-small.jpg Chevrolet Silverado E85America’s prototypical pickup is a natural fit for E85. 18 MPG E85 Ethanol Pickup $29,400 Now
touareg-94.jpg Volkswagen Touareg TDIThe Touareg TDI is defined by its powerplant, a mammoth 5-liter V10 turbo diesel engine that is engineered to cleanly burn today’s ultra-low sulfur fuel. 17 MPG Diesel SUV $68,000 Now
f150-small.jpg Ford F-150 E85Ford’s best-selling pickup truck offers flex-fuel capabilities. 11 MPG E85 Ethanol Pickup $22,100 Now
xb-94.jpg The eBoxThe eBox is an electric vehicle conversion of the Scion xB. n/a Electric Van $70,000 Now
tango-94.jpg Tango T600First, throw away all the expected conventions about the appropriate size of your daily car. This all-electric vehicle is half the size, from side to side, of most cars. n/a Electric Luxury $108,000 Now
nmg-94.jpg Myers NmGThe Myers NmG is a funky, single-occupant three-wheeled electric vehicle. That’s right, there’s just enough room for you and a cart’s worth of groceries. n/a Electric Coupe $36,000 Now
fetish-94.jpg Venturi FetishThe Venturi Fetish, described by its maker as “the first production electric sports car in automobile history,” will set you back $400,000. n/a Electric Luxury $400,000 Now
fcx-clarity-94.jpg Honda FCX ClarityA limited number of southern Californians will have the opportunity to lease a Honda FCX Clarity in 2008. This is the first time a customer can obtain a fuel cell car directly from a retail dealer. n/a Hydrogen Sedan n/a Now
bmw-x5-small.jpg BMW X5 DieselOne of the most well-rounded, high-performance, luxury-caliber SUVs in the marketplace. 22 MPG Diesel SUV $45,900 2008
aspen-small.jpg Chrysler Aspen HybridA hulking 5.7-liter V8 Hemi hybrid. n/a Hybrid SUV n/a 2008
roadster-94.jpg Tesla RoadsterThe Tesla Roadster is a screaming-fast, all-electric two-seater sports car built on the frame of the Lotus Elise. n/a Electric Luxury $98,000 2008
vw-jetta-full.jpg Volkswagen Jetta TDIThe sporty Volkswagen Jetta with a 2.0-liter diesel engine that rates 140 horsepower. n/a Diesel Sedan n/a 2008
bmw-3series-small.jpg BMW 3-Series DieselThe 3-series with a 3.0-liter biturbo inline-six diesel powerplant. n/a Diesel Sedan $32,400 2008
escalade-hybrid-small.jpg Cadillac Escalade HybridThe first eight-passenger luxury SUV hybrid. An odd mix of self-indulgence and green. n/a Hybrid SUV n/a 2008
dodge_durango-small.jpg Dodge DurangoIt’s a hemi hybrid. Lots of power and towing capacity. And the gas mileage doesn’t completely suck. n/a Hybrid SUV n/a 2008
sierra-small.jpg GMC Sierra HybridCould break the 20-mpg mark to become the most efficient full-size pickup. n/a Hybrid Pickup n/a 2008
2008-saturn-vue-green-line.jpg Saturn Vue Green Line Two-ModeThe Two-Mode Hybrid version of the Saturn Vue will become the most efficient SUV on the market. Expected late 2008. 33 MPG Hybrid SUV n/a 2009
silverado-94.jpg Chevrolet Silverado HybridGM phased out the ultra-light hybrid pickups that produced a 10-15 percent increase in fuel economy to make room for a full-hybrid version of the Silverado, which goes into production in late 2008. n/a Hybrid Pickup n/a 2009
accent-94.jpg Hyundai Accent HybridHyundai delayed development of its $15,000 45-mpg subcompact until 2009, at the earliest. n/a Hybrid Sedan n/a 2009
sut-94.jpg Phoenix Motorcars Electric Sport Utility TruckThis all-electric truck that offers a 1,000 pounds of payload capacity, 120 horsepower performance capable of 0-60 mph in less than 10 seconds. n/a Electric Pickup $45,000 2009
ventureone-small.jpg VentureOneThe exhilaration of a fast motorcycle, the safety and comfort of a commuter car, and the fuel efficiency of advanced automotive technologies. n/a Plug-in Hybrid Coupe $18,000 2009
fisker-karma-small.jpg Fisker KarmaThe rear-wheel drive sporty plug-in hybrid from designer Henrik Fisker. n/a Plug-in Hybrid Coupe $80,000 2009
subcompact-full.jpg Honda Global Subcompact HybridA small, practical, affordable and entirely new hybrid-only model from Honda. n/a Hybrid Sedan n/a 2009
vue-plugin-small.jpg Saturn Vue Plug-inThe leading contender for the first commercial plug-in hybrid—in the form of a small SUV. n/a Plug-in Hybrid SUV n/a 2009
volt-94.jpg Chevrolet VoltAll-electric gas-free driving for 40-mile stretches n/a Plug-in Hybrid Sedan $30,000 2010
x6-94.jpg BMW X6 HybridAn SUV that has crossed over into sports car territory n/a Hybrid SUV n/a 2010
cayenne-94.jpg Porsche Cayenne HybridThe Porsche Cayenne Hybrid achieving better than 24 miles per gallon compared with less than 18 mpg for the conventional model. n/a Hybrid SUV n/a 2010
imiev-94.jpg Mitsubishi iMiEVMitsubishi plans to mass-market a small electric vehicle by 2010. n/a Electric Coupe n/a 2010
s400-hybrid-small.jpg Mercedes S400 Hybrid This eco-chic luxury sedan could be the first production vehicle with a lithium ion battery. n/a Hybrid Sedan n/a 2010
2008-dodge-ram-small.jpg Dodge Ram HybridChrysler’s hemi-powered hybrid system applied to the Ram pickup n/a Hybrid Pickup n/a 2010
refelx-94.jpg Ford ReflexConcept sports coupe marries 1.4-liter turbo-diesel engine, with Ford’s hybrid drive. n/a Diesel Coupe n/a Concept
meta-one-94.jpg Mercury Meta OneA hybrid transmission with a twin-turbocharged V-6 diesel engine calibrated to run on biodiesel. n/a Diesel Van n/a Concept
b5-tph-94.jpg Subaru B5-TPHA sporty two-seat, all-wheel-drive grand tourer that blends elements of coupe, sporty hatchback, and Outback sport-utility n/a Electric Coupe n/a Concept
volta-94.jpg Toyota VoltaBefore the Chevy Volt, there was the Toyota Volta—a super-hip and speedy concept hybrid from Toyota. n/a Hybrid Coupe n/a Concept
sienna-94.jpg Toyota Sienna HybridToyota offers a hybrid minivan in Japan. Thousands of families are waiting for that option in the United States. n/a Hybrid Van n/a Concept
hybrid-x-94.jpg Toyota Hybrid XThe Hybrid X is a design exercise indicating the general visual direction of Toyota’s hybrids. n/a Hybrid Sedan n/a Concept
saab-bio-94.jpg Saab BioPower HybridSaab’s kitchen sink approach to solving environmental problems in cars. n/a E85 Ethanol Sedan n/a Concept
3cc-94.jpg Volvo 3CCCRocket-shaped three-seater can accommodate the full range of power systems and fuels. n/a Electric Coupe n/a Concept
a-bat-small.jpg Toyota A-BAT Concept Hybrid Pickup TruckA kinder, gentler, and weirder vision for a pickup truck. And it’s a hybrid. n/a Hybrid Pickup n/a Concept
hydrogen-7-small.jpg BMW Hydrogen 7The BMW Hydrogen 7— essentially a 7 Series sedan—burns sub-zero liquid hydrogen in its conventional V-12 engine. n/a Hydrogen Sedan n/a Concept
q7-small2.jpg Audi Q7 HybridRefined and opulent, and now the hybrid version offers slightly better fuel efficiency. n/a Hybrid SUV n/a Concept
honda-crz-small.jpg Honda CR-ZCan a hybrid compact car be sporty and speedy? Honda tries. n/a Hybrid Coupe n/a Concept
provoq-small.jpg Cadillac ProvoqOver-the-top plug-in hydrogen-electric fuel-cell luxury hybrid concept SUV. n/a Hydrogen SUV n/a Concept
subaru-r1e-small.jpg Subaru 1ReSubaru’s concept vehicle to work on getting charge times down to five minutes or so. n/a Electric Coupe n/a Concept
insight-94.jpg Honda InsightThe two-seater hybrid was once the king of mpg. Now, it’s been retired. 60 MPG Hybrid Coupe $19,000 Discntd.
accord-94.jpg Honda Accord HybridThe Honda Accord Hybrid emphasized power over efficiency. Honda’s experiment failed, and the vehicle was discontinued in 2007. n/a Hybrid Sedan n/a Discntd.

Lawati lah tajuk tajuk lain yang berkaitan di sebelah kanan blog.


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