There’s no doubt about it–the world is changing in an alarming way. The price of gas is going up, greenhouse emissions are causing climatic changes, and global warming is threatening to melt ice caps and upset the eco-balance.In the midst of all this fluctuation, a water powered car is considered a long-awaited answer. It will fight the rising cost of living. It will slow the pace of environmental disasters. This idea has developed an underground popularity. It’s attained the status of a myth. Currently, the idea is still evolving. It is still in an experimental stage. It is not yet a full blown reality. Trucks and vehicles that are completely powered by water do not yet exist. The cost of manufacturing them is prohibitive. Also, many of the technical details have yet to be sorted out.

But, while a 100% water powered car, does not yet exist, engineers are halfway there to making it happen. To date, they’ve developed a highly cost effective hybrid water powered car.

Tests show that the new energy system can make a big difference in reducing gas use and in cleaning up the environment. The method has passed the theoretical stage and is now being used in cars. A Toyota was tested and it showed an oil saving of 59%; a Cadillac saved 70%; a 350 V8 Van saved 50%; and a Ford truck saved 56%.

All this was possible with only minor engine adjustments. In fact, they were so simple that many people were able to do it themselves without hiring a car mechanic.

Besides saving on use of oil and gasoline, tests also showed car emissions were considerably reduced. All this goes a long way in improving our global climate.

Using hybrid technology to clean up emissions means reducing damage to your health and that of your family and community. Your car uses up less gas and it consumes the gas that it does use much more completely.

You can smell the difference that a hybrid car makes. This is because everything works better. As combustion improves, due to the cleansing effect of water on the combustion cycle, engine power also improves. Carbon deposits are not only removed, but carbon deposit buildup, too, is prevented. Since the overall performance of the car improves, there is a drop in engine temperature and less waste heat is dumped into the environment. The engine is quieter. Gearshifts change smoothly. In addition, the working parts of the engine, the pistons, valves, rings, and bearings, experience less stress and consequently a longer life.

Interestingly enough, all it takes is a little bit of water to affect these performance-boosting miracles. A single jar of water can last for months. This is because the water expands to 1,833 gallons of combustible gas.

How does the hybrid car improve the environment?

The results here are actually even more amazing. Harmful exhaust emission is eliminated. Hence, harmful carbon dioxide and high engine heat, the major culprits in global warming, are removed. But things get even better. Instead of pulling oxygen from the atmosphere, the new hybrid engine actually adds oxygen to it.

he hybrid car will save money on gasoline and oil costs. It will make your car engine run much more efficiently. And it will make a major contribution to cutting down on air pollution. If enough people adopt it, it can even result in a huge shift in the economy, reducing the demand for petroleum.

The hybrid car is a reality. The fully water powered car is the next step to improving personal finances and the planet. It will create a more sustainable environment.

The Problems:

Foolish petrol prices, petrol battles, pollution and global climate change. You know what I’m referring to.

Outrageous petrol prices, petrol battles, pollution and global climate change. These can be a thing of the past by using a simple automotive system that will:

  • save money by increased gas mileage (up to 70% more MPG)
  • cleaner, quieter running motor
  • increase in power and virtually no harmful emissions

Sorry it doesn’t fix cars that are in need of repair.

You will be doing your bit to help the environment while keeping more money in your pockets.

The Good News:

Widespread development and experimentation by numerous back yard engineers has proven one FEASIBLE affordable method . With this method, you can run automobiles PARTIALLY ON WATER (that’s a “Water Hybrid”) with little or no modifications.

• You should be able to increase your gas efficiency by as much as 59% (Toyota 99), 70% (Cadillac 99).

• You can drastically cut down discharges and help reduce Global Warming.

• You can improve efficient burning of fuel, lessen wear and tear, engine clatter, high temperature in the engine, carbon deposits, etc.

You can make use of this system to switch nearly any vehicle into a wholly functional WATER HYBRID in one slow day, with the aid of simple tools at home. I knew virtually nothing about automobiles, I had no garage and no special tools, yet I installed one un-aided within 60 minutes. You get complete installation instructions and detailed pictures to make the installation as easy as possible.

Again, basic skills, simple tools, a desire to reduce gas costs and / or a desire to reduce emissions is all that is need.


One likely way out, that you may have heard of, is cars that runs on water.

As distinct from water hybrids, water powered automobiles are yet to be rolled out of the assembly plants.

You could get a minimum of 10 strategies of water powered automobiles to try out.

Regrettably those designs are too costly to put together, are very knotty, and absolutely unpredictable.


Widespread development and experimentation by numerous back yard engineers has proven one method FEASIBLE.

With this method you can run your traditional automobiles partially on water with little or no modifications.

You should be able to increase your gas efficiency by as much as 59% (Toyota 99) or even 70% (Cadillac 99).

You could drastically cut down discharges and help reduce Global Warming.

You can improve efficient burning of fuel and consequently lessen wear and tear, engine clatter, high temperature in the engine, carbon deposits, etc.

You see, you have just hit upon a unique piece of information.

People may be getting somewhat frustrated with the cars they own as they watch the fuel prices grow. More and more people turn to alternatives. Some prefer to leave the car at home and walk home or catch public transport. There are people, however, who need their car for work, such as self employed. They are amongst those people who consider selling their ordinary petrol-fuelled cars and buying a new kind of car – a hybrid – that can cut their fuel bill in half. They can enable you to drive up to 60 miles per gallon, or 25 kilometers per liter.

Hybrid cars also produce a lot less pollutants than conventional vehicles. What this means is that the apart from the fuel consumption reduction, you will also decrease the pollution levels that are poisoning the environment. Everyone gets the benefit with hybrid cars.

How do hybrid cars work? Should you be considering getting one?

Firstly, they can be quite expensive. But when you count in all the savings on petrol that you will get over the life of the car, conventional cars turn out to be much more expensive.

Owners of hybrid cars will also enjoy the savings from tax breaks given by most governments nowadays to hybrid car owners. What this means is that you can save even more money.

The concept of a hybrid car is not difficult – hybrid cars combine electricity, the cleanest energy source available, and the internal combustions engine used in normal cars.

So, hybrid cars use both electricity and petrol energy to run the. When you start the car and it is in idle more, the hybrid car shuts off the gasoline engine and just keeps running on electricity. During this time, the car is running purely on electricity. That’s why hybrid cars are a lot quieter than conventional cars. And that is another reason why they conserve energy. When you step on the accelerator, the conventional petrol engine will start up automatically.

There is also a type of hybrid cars that run purely on electricity, and they are very useful if you are using the car for local travels. The disadvantage, however, is that those cars have a very low range. So for long travels, you will probably need to still put petrol in those cars.

These days, most hybrid cars use kinetic energy to recharge the battery, so you don’t even need to plug it in to recharge. When the car is braking, it is using the excess energy to recharge the battery.

A typical hybrid car consists of a battery for energy storage, a generator, the conventional petrol engine, a fuel tank and the electric engine.

There is another technology that you may want to consider if at this stage you cannot afford a hybrid car. It is called a Water4Gas Kit. It utilizes the hydrogen fuel technology, and can be installed at home by any car enthusiast. A container under the hood of your car will be filled with distilled water which is then converted by the device into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is then burnt along with the conventional petrol which can result in savings of petrol.

Now that you know how hybrid cars work, you now see how beneficial it can be if you are driving one. You will not only save a lot of money from fuel consumption, but you will also help save the environment by emitting far lower toxic fumes than conventional cars.


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