First. warm thanks owed to all the great gentlemen of past and present who have assisted in the development of Hydrogen and Water-Fuel technology and super-efficiency engines with YOU and your environment in mind, as well as promoting PUBLIC AWARENESS of the possibilities (very partial list):

  • Alex Schiffer
  • Alexander von Humboldt
  • Andrew Batty
  • Andriah Puharich
  • Antoine LaVoisier
  • Archie Blue
  • Bill and Tom Lang
  • Bill Williams
  • Bob Boyce
  • Carl Cella
  • Charles H. Garrett
  • Charles Nelson Pogue
  • Charles T. Weber
  • Chuck Henderson
  • Daniel D. Dingel
  • Daniel Hoffman
  • Dennis Lee
  • Denny Klein
  • Dr. Ruggero Santilli
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Eletrik
  • Francisco Pacheco
  • Frank Robert
  • George Wiseman
  • Hector Pierre Vaes
  • Henry “Dad” Garrett
  • Henry Cavendish
  • Henry M. Paine
  • Herman P. Anderson
  • Ilya Velbov
  • Isaac de Rivas
  • James A. Robey
  • Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir
  • Jean-Louis Naudin
  • Jerry W. Decker
  • Jim Cornell
  • “Joe”
  • John Ernst Worrell Keely
  • Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
  • Juan Carlos Aguero
  • Jules Verne
  • Ken Rasmussen
  • Kim, Sang Nam
  • LateNite Leroy
  • Leroy Pea
  • Lou (Louis) LaPointe
  • Luther Wattles
  • Michael A. Peavey
  • Michael Faraday
  • Nakamatsu Yoshiro
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Ozzie Freedom
  • Paracelsus
  • Patrick J. Kelly
  • Paul Pantone
  • Paul Zigouras
  • Rev. William Cecil
  • Robert Zweig
  • Rodger Billings
  • Ron Barker
  • Rudolf A. Erren
  • Rudolph W. Gunnerman
  • Sam Leslie Leach
  • Stanley Meyer
  • Steven Horvarth
  • Walter E. Wyles
  • William A. Rhodes
  • William Nicholson
  • Yull Brown

and all clients, affiliates, manufacturers, experimenters and readers from around the world…


HHO gas mentioned above goes by many other names, such as Oxy-Hydrogen, hydroxy (short for hydroxygen) or di-hydroxy, Brown’s Gas, green gas, waterfuel, etc. It’s very different from pure Hydrogen. HHO has great advantages over pure Hydrogen – and is the only one of these two that qualifies for “Free energy” – but let’s have a look at both options, shall we?

In June 2005, a world record MPG has been achieved by students of the Federal Polytechnical School of Zurich, Switzerland – using Hydrogen – for an eye-popping 12,665 MPG! This is not a typo. They ran a test car for 13 miles on… 1.02 grams of Hydrogen.

The world now knows that Hydrogen is powerful, and everybody’s talking about it. Unfortunately, Hydrogen-powered as well as hybrid cars have not matured yet. Their MPG performance is not as great as expected. And even worse, Hydrogen pressure tanks in cars and in fuel stations are a huge safety hazard – this stuff is E.X.P.L.O.S.I.V.E like hell. It gets even worse when you hear about Hydrogen factories – they pollute the environment so badly, that the ecological apparent advantage of “clean” cars is immediately exposed as a lie… Too bad.

The solution is Hydrogen-On-Demand systems. These are systems or devices such as Water4Gas that offer the safest and most economical solution: we produce Hydrogen when we need it, rather than producing it in an expensive and polluting factory, then delivering it in huge trucks and storing it unsafely in high-pressure gas tanks.

Hydrogen-On-Demand is much better for the environment. It is MUCH safer for the driver and passengers. I don’t want my family sitting right on top of a potential super explosive bomb on the way to a picnic or birthday!

Right now, today, is a prime time for Water4Gas technology. Not that it’s new. No. It’s been here for many years. But in the past it was EASY for Big Petrol to suppress this technology. That’s because inventors were isolated and vulnerable. They could be bribed, threatened or shot dead. Also, since it took these hard working fellows a lifetime of effort to achieve workable inventions, they felt they had to keep their cards close to chest. Secrecy was detrimental – they became a target!!!

Today, on the other hand, we have very fast communication lines such as email, cellphones and the Internet. Inventions from wise developers, who also like sharing their knowledge rather than secrecy, fly back and forth and all out at mind boggling speeds. Exchange-exchange-exchange is the order of the day. Some of our water-car email lines are jammed with hundreds of inventions and invention updates each and every week! With this speed and sharing spirit in mind, it will become clear to you why this technology is now unstoppable.

Change is inevitable! Water is the fuel of the future. Period. But we mean no violent revolution. We take it bit by bit so people have enough time to absorb the new facts of life and the science behind this tech, and so businesses have enough time to rearrange themselves around this changing market. Free energy does not mean that whole industries have to close down. They will have so much more to do now: new car models, new power plants, new homes and home appliances (to heat ourselves and operate the house energy lines using water), and so forth.

A quiet revolution is already happening, where everybody will eventually win because we’ll be saving the planet from destruction and energy depletion. Save the trees, the oceans and above all the atmosphere! And there’s a lot of money to be made, both for small and big business.


People come up to me and say: “Didn’t you hear – BMW has their own water car!” or “Honda is releasing a water car!”, and so forth. They’re correct… The headlines are full of such exciting news. But what are the EXACT FACTS behind these rumors?

Doing an online research I’ve discovered that BMW has indeed been working on a water car for over 30(!) years – and have come up with some super-complicated technology that will take another 20 or 30 years to make common and affordable. They have about 10 super-expensive cars on the road, and ONE fueling station near Munich Airport…


I love Honda, but… Watching the news the other day I found out that Honda has released ONE million-dollar car to ONE lucky tester. The reporter mentioned that the infrastructure needed for this car does not exist yet.

Allow me one more time: Duh!!

How affordable and practical is that??? Wake up dudes! How about a $300 technology TODAY, right this minute?! Why do you wise guys have to complicate everything? In simplicity there is so much more power – and more business too.

You see my friend, we, Water4Gas, are not behind. We’re at least 7-8 years ahead of the game! And if you’re like me and can’t afford a new car yet, then our simple but powerful add-on products put you 10-15 years ahead of the game!


1 Freedom company wants to see a cost effective, immediate solution to the fabricated “energy crisis.” We are tired of hearing what can be done, 20 years into the future, to reduce gas prices and abate air pollution. Our mission is to help you start doing this NOW. And we do it using WATER.

We have some unbelievable products in the pipeline. Old converted cars that run on 100% water without any gasoline (or 3% gasoline), generators that produce energy out of thin air, and stuff like that – even for us it is hard to believe until we see it used successfully, not just by us, but by many others.

The idea behind Water4Gas devices is to provide you with something you can install TODAY in a few minutes without engine modifications, start driving, and the next thing you know – in a matter of hours or days you start thinking: “Hey, something CAN be done about it!”

You see, your belief level rises – gradiently. Step by step. Free energy is hard to believe until it’s actually happening under your own hood or in your own home. Until you see it in your energy bills. So start with this first step.

So… Welcome to Free Energy!


If you know it or not, if you’re an active experimenter or not, you’re now part of a group that is highly interested in deriving free energy from water, especially for cars. Here’s a letter from Mr. Frank Roberts, a major researcher and contributer to this technology. It will give you insight about the spirit of this group. There are many sub-groups and Mr. Roberts talks specifically to one of them:

Water IS life… and so much more…

So, why all of the excitement about common H2O?

Water is the glue that bonds all of life together. Without it we would not exist. With it, not only do we survive, but we may have a solution to our growing global energy problem.

How so you may ask?

Water can be transformed into a perfect energy supply. It is abundant, non-polluting, and eternal in nature. You split it efficiently and combust it efficiently. After harvesting that released energy, you again have H2O as the by-product. Hard to beat!

Will the greed of big oil and big business ever be satisfied enough that they can stop destroying this planet? I seriously doubt it.

There is energy aplenty in the wind, the sun, in flowing rivers and waterfalls…

Even in a cup of water, latent there, just waiting for the adventurous…

So EVERYONE is RIGHT about THAT! Improving MPG is a wholly good, or beneficial action, in the grand scheme of things. It makes little difference WHY I become an “early adopter.” All it can do is help others and give me an advantage, in the long term.

I would say that increased MPG, always a goal with cars, is a TREND. If you drew a trend curve of interest in improving MPG, you might find that interest is rising. This is a strong trend today. Who’d a thunk! Now the American People have a strong interest in this strong trend and we do too. Oddly the US & German auto makers seem to have only a marginal interest in MPG improvements. Oil companies and the congress are dragging their respective feet on the MPG issue, as well. Need I mention Academic Institutions? The real issue here is just who will get the most money for producing the greatest delay in improved MPG, and increased poisons to the environment.

So the public demand trend for increased MPG goes unmet and OFF THE CHART in the not too distant future, lead by (you guessed it) increased gasoline prices! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or the oil field, the “windfall profits” are pumped back into the congress or the “religious” schools, as the case may be, but most likely all the above. Nero fiddles whilst Rome burns!

Who pays the piper, calls the tune! We have a fugue here where the major players pay each other to keep the situation “stable.” No progress or little progress and you pass GO and become eligible for the next round of anti-public interest funding.

Waterfuel R&D folks only make money if they can help others save money on fuel. They have no stake in seeing things stay the same or get worse than they are. Surely it is bad enough situation to warrant action.

So all the players who should be solving the MPG problem are stalemated by their own greed. Now what they do not know about, because the depth of this water is not clearly known or easy to measure, is what is happening on the Internet, with waterfuel technology.

Still water runs deep.

Here the pace of technology is being driven by people who can work, non stop, on a global basis, using open systems communication strategies, to advance the understanding of waterfuel technology to the point that anyone, anywhere, can get a substantial MPG advance.

The waterfuel WIN takes place by DEFAULT. It is a case of the quick young kid, on the Internet, can just move way too fast, and will get the pastry (MPG) before the slow multinational parent corporations and governments and academic institutions, fighting the LAST war, with their LAST war MEDIA technology, have a chance to flinch.

The media is the message. When Paul Revere rides down the street this time, the global village takes heed. Its the hundredth monkey that is the direct cause of a knowledge base reaching critical mass. When it does the Berlin Wall falls in a day. You cannot stop a change in the nous sphere driven by love and compassion. Stay posted!

Stay awake! Do one more thing today to help save the planet! Advance the cause! Say, with Mel Fisher, “today is the day” I am going to figure this out! I am going to do that one unlikely experiment that I have been putting off! I am going to do one more test. I see it in my dreams, I know it is going to work!


Watercar technology (and general waterfuel technology) scares some big business, especially Big Petrol Producers. Instead of going with the flow, they try to halt it or at least try to say that it’s impossible, crazy, blah blah blah. For instance Popular Science Magazine reported that they have tested a variety of fuel enhancers and have found NO GAIN in any of them. How come? All the executives of 1 Freedom company (the mother company of Water4Gas) as well have as Gulf Laboratories (the developers) and 100’s of clients are running these devices daily under the hoods of our cars, with great benefits! I love Popular Science – I’ve been leaning from it since the early 1980’s – but this time I’ve got something to teach THEM!

Same for the MythBusters Show that made fun of watercar technology – how do they know? Why don’t you people come look at my car? I’ll show you some myth busting!

During 2006 and most of 2007, we tried to supply the demand for the technology all by ourselves. But toward the end of 2007 the books made such HUGE demand for actual systems, that we could not carry the load anymore. Additionally, readers and visitors wanted to have a LOCAL GUY OR LOCAL COMPANY to turn to, all over the world: from India to Germany, from South Africa to Canada and so forth.

Another consideration I had is that now that the operation is growing and many radio station, TV News and movie makers want to give us great exposure, the operation becomes vulnerable to an attack if it was concentrated in one small place. IT HAD TO BE DISPERSED INTO MANY HANDS. Your hands!

Under these circumstances, and in order to ensure the viability of the project and the survival of this vital tech, we’ve adopted this firm policy:

  • Everybody and his wife (my version of “the whole world and his sister…”) now has access to effective waterfuel technology! No barriers!

  • As much as we can help it, waterfuel technology is NOT ANYMORE protected by patents and “trade secrets” and is given to the public on an “open source” basis, which means anybody can use it, develop his own versions of it, sell it and/or teach it freely to others!

  • Our philosophy is simple and non-compromising: No secrets – No complexities – No greed. And we wish to work with like-minded people!

  • Free manufacturing information is offered via our website, so you can go in business and offer your systems to buyers! Especially you’ll become a magnet for local clients – seems like they LOVE to deal with a local businesses and local experimenters, and their BELIEF LEVEL skyrockets if they see it for real in their local town or state. Besides, it solves the problem of suspicious (and expensive) Customs!

  • I’ve established an online place called the “FREE MARKETPLACE”, where buyers and sellers can meet and deal their stuff without Water4Gas or anybody else in the way. We don’t charge and are not involved, because we want watercar technology to enjoy free commerce worldwide. I’m investing a little fortune out of my own pocket in the software and online services required, just to see it happening.

You see, under this policy, the knowledge and the commerce is spread out very quickly and there is no central point to attack and destroy. In a short while there will simply be too many of us all around the world, so enemies of this technology will have to adapt to the winds of change – or crumble.

Current waterfuel and watercar market mostly sells hard-to apply textbooks OR fuel savers/fuel additives. Good ones, no doubt. I’m not saying these are necessarily bad deals. But here’s the problem: The best inventions and technologies have been lost due to suppression and fears. Even the great Nikola Tesla and the great Stanley Meyer died with too many of their secrets. Shame! Not on Tesla and Meyer – I admire these guys. Shame on secrecy that makes Earth lose…

To help you make a living while you help us make watercars a reality, we are offering money making opportunities connected with this operation. Check the bottom links on the website for details, however at the time of writing the main activities are:

  1. Affiliating for book sales. It’s easy and cost-free to become an affiliate, and we are offering ready made sales copy, graphics (banners) and powerful marketing advice to make promoting Water4Gas as profitable as possible.

  2. Make systems and sell them – we provide free manufacturing data. The details are on the website, but basically the idea right now is that:
    – you examine the manufacturing data,
    – you make up your mind regarding what product you want to offer, you set your pricing, etc.
    – you add yourself to The Free Marketplace (once the software is installed) with your own login and password,
    – you can UPDATE your own listing as necessary.



  1. Here’s more proof, from the Society of Automotive Engineers:

    Look at these, Bill:

    The Society of Automotive Engineers is an organization with over 121,000
    members. The list below shows a collection of references found in their
    official publications of the past 35 years (today it is published online at . It is obvious that they have known about HHO
    for a long time:
    . Publication #740187, February 1974: Adding hydrogen to gasoline resulted
    in significant efficiency improvements due to the extension of the lean
    operating limit.
    . Publication #740600, February 1974: A compact onboard hydrogen generator
    has been developed for use with a hydrogen-enriched gasoline internal
    combustion engine.
    . Publication #810348, February 1981: Adding hydrogen to gasoline showed a
    potential for very low pollutant emissions with increased energy efficiency.
    . Publication #830897, April 1989: Adding hydrogen to gasoline produces
    improvements in engine efficiency and emissions due to accelerated flame
    speed and combustion rate.
    . Publication #960603, February 1996: Adding hydrogen to gasoline produces
    improvements in engine efficiency and emissions, due to accelerated
    . Publication #2000-01-2206, June 2000: Adding hydrogen to gasoline can
    reduce exhaust emissions and increase efficiency. A large reduction in
    nitrogen oxide emissions can be achieved without a catalytic converter due
    to very lean operation under certain conditions.
    . Publication #2002-01-2196, July 2002: Adding hydrogen to gasoline
    increases the flame speed at all gasoline air/fuel ratios, so engine
    operation at very lean mixtures is possible.
    . Publication #2003-01-0630, March 2003: Adding hydrogen to gasoline
    extended the lean limit of engine operation, resulting in greater efficiency
    and reduced emissions, both hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.
    . Publication #2003-32-0011, September 2003: Adding hydrogen to gasoline
    resulted in improved engine performance.
    . Publication #2004-01-0972, March 2004: Adding hydrogen to gasoline results
    in lower emissions and a significant increase in engine efficiency.
    . Publication #2004-01-1270, March 2004: Adding hydrogen to gasoline
    produces improvements in engine efficiency and emissions.
    . Publication #2004-01-1851, June 2004: Adding hydrogen to gasoline reduced
    knock due to accelerated fuel burn and shortened combustion period.
    . Publication #2005-01-0232, April 2005: Adding hydrogen to gasoline
    produces lower emissions due to increased flame speed and resultant
    accelerated fuel burn.
    . Publication #2005-01-0251, April 2005: Adding hydrogen to gasoline can
    extend the lean limits of the air/fuel ratio.

    Comment by Joe Shea — March 26, 2009 @ 8:53 am

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    Comment by Noble — April 1, 2009 @ 10:51 am

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