Semasa Pameran Elektonik Pengguna (CES) tahun 2008 di Las Vegas, terdapat Alatbersumber tenaga dari air digunakan untuk caj laptop dan lain lain peralatan elektronik. Syarikat pengeluar minyak sebenarnya telah lama cuba menghalang tenaga dari air ini digunakan dalam industri automotif, tapi mereka tidak boleh menutup mulut selama lamanya. Nicola Tesla telah menemui sumber air sebagai tenaga pembakar satu abad yang lalu tetapi kerana sebab sebab politik dan ekonomi maklumat ini dihalang daripada di sebarkan kepada ramai.

The GREAT MYSTERY Big Oil Doesn’t Want You To Know

…What about Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

What is all the talk in the news about the “new” fuel cell research as a means of achieving better fuel economy and is hailed by the “experts” and the naive news media as the “Fuel of the Future”?

Several methods of extracting hydrogen have been around for over a 150 years. Hydrogen balloons were actually used during the civil war by the Union army for reconnaissance flights. Several methods for quick hydrogen production were developed based primarily on metals such as iron and aluminum reacting with sulfuric acid.

Water electrolysis has been around for over 100 years also and is becoming a popular means for “inventor hopefuls” using media outlets such as, demonstrating how to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water using 12 VDC current, stainless steel plates and an electrolyte such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Some of the ideas presented on youtube seem promising.

What about inventor Jimmy Sabori and the Papp Engine? He has an engine that will run for 20 years on 50 cents worth of inert gases. Pulsed high voltage DC in a timed sequence is sent into sealed cylinders that contain 5 different inert gases. These gases react with the voltage and create a force that moves the pistons inside the cylinders. The Papp engine has only two cylinders and produces over 400HP. He reportedly took his invention to the government and operated it for them. After witnessing the working engine, the officials refused to accept the fact that it was actually working, according to the story. Perhaps the concern of lost revenues from the federal gasoline tax clouded their decision making skills once again.

Have you ever heard of Edwin Gray? He developed a fascinating concept called ‘cold energy”. Cold energy is a method of connecting DC batteries in a way which creates a self charging circuit and extends the life of batteries over 10 times the normal life. In the 70’s he also invented the “Pulse Capacitor Discharge Engine” which would run perpetually as an electromagnetic motor that produced over 700HP. It is also interesting to note that his technology now powers some amusement rides in theme parks.

What would be the economic fallout of a fuel-less world?

Unfortunately many of the greatest energy inventions and inventors have been threatened or bought out and their ideas shelved away from the public view. Others like Stan Meyer paid a higher price.

Stan Meyer developed a hydrogen fuel cell that produced “hydrogen on demand” using a pulsed high voltage frequency at low amps between several groups of stainless steel tubes. It is reported Stan had achieved 1700% overunity (thought impossible by today’s physicists). He ran a dune buggy on nothing but water for over 4 years before he was murdered while eating at a restaurant and died a few moments later. In his twin brother’s arms in the parking lot outside, Stan kept telling Steve “I’ve been poisoned!” as he was dying.

The main reason we don’t see this technology on the open market is not for lack of technology but rather because of MONEY and POWER and how these two relate to the “Golden Rule”…”He who has the gold rules.”

If we had a fuel-less society, the price of diesel and gasoline would fall dramatically due to much lower demands. This would cause a great shift of economic power from the oil companies and other ‘global powers that be“. Cheaper energy and transportation costs would directly affect the cost of goods across the globe which would start a large downward pricing trend.

With transportation and energy costs reduced and consumable products reduced in price, we would have considerably more discretionary income.

The “trickle down” effect would cause a phenomenon that would usher in a new era of prosperity the likes of which the world has never known.

…And High Mileage Carburetors?

During the past 70-80 years, there have been over 5,000 verifiable high mileage gas savers actually patented. Even the Big 3 auto makers have tested some, and found they work extremely well.

Consider the fact that “Standard Oil” (The Rockefeller dynasty) was the major financier backing a young inventor named ” Henry Ford” in the late 1920’s.

It could lead one to speculate that BIG Oil was the reason Charles Nelson Pogue’s 205 MPG carburetor (Called the Winnipeg carburetor or Pogue carburetor) was never implemented on Ford’s original “Model A” as Ford had planned.

News of the Pogue Carburetor caused oil stock prices to plummet and the Pogue carburetor was quickly replaced by the “old gas guzzler” venturi carburetor.

Fuel delivery systems on gasoline engines today have only slightly improved in efficiency over the last 90 years despite the input from inventors and engineers who have taken fuel vaporization to much higher levels.

This technology has mysteriously evaded the automotive industry, while jet engines have been using more efficient vaporizing methods for over 50 years.

A 3000 to 4000 psi fuel injection system as used in jet engines produces a very fine mist. As this mist enters the jet turbine blades, a vortex is created that easily vaporizes nearly 100% of the fuel as opposed to around 30% by automotive fuel delivery systems.

These jet fuel delivery systems could be modified and retrofitted for internal combustion engines by introducing liquid fuel under very high pressure which would reproduce the same fine mist as opposed to larger atomized fuel droplets produced by automotive fuel delivery systems. This mist would intern be introduced into a longer vortex intake manifold allowing it enough area to completely vaporize. This vapor would finally enter the cylinders for combustion with little or no waste of fuel .

The result would substantially increase the combustion efficiency of the engine thus increasing fuel economy on gasoline AND diesel vehicles by as much as 300% as well as emissions reduction of over 60%.

This is not a new idea…it has been used for over 50 years, but not on automobiles!

As long as businesses and lobbyists are allowed to rampantly fill the coffers with “soft money” for power hungry politicians running for office, the laws will continue to be written in their favor regardless of the cost to the citizens. Laws already written requiring auto manufactures to produce vehicles with higher mileage results are simply not being enforced.

As congress condemns the oil companies in the media they continue to “turn a blind eye” to the largest known oil reserves in the world off the Florida Gulf as well as an enormous find recently of an estimated 2 TRILLION barrels of oil under Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Even with complete access to these oil reserves, US oil refineries are operating at maximum production levels and have been not built any since 1976.

With oil companies feasting on the largest profit margins ever and oil related revenues of over 1 BILLION dollars a day around the globe, it is in their best interest for these oil reserves to remain in the ground and not to build any oil refineries… and most importantly, preventing modern vapor conversion technology from finding its way back on the automobile.

It appears the ghost of Mr. Rockefeller is alive and well, and still capable of mysteriously dictating his oil agenda even from the grave.


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  1. Jimat Minyak T.A.C: Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Jimat Minyak T.A.C: Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan: Cuba dahulu baru tahu………. Mengapa perlu menekan pedal minyak tanpa anjakan kuasa yang memuaskan?
    Cubalah alat tambahan T.A.C kami dahulu baru buat keputusanya….

    Jaminan tanpa bayaran jika tiada ketara KUASA setelah pemasangan.
    Dicatat oleh Jimat Minyak\Tingkat Kuasa Kuda di 13:17 1 ulasan Email This
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    Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Cuba dahulu baru tahu……….

    Mengapa perlu menekan pedal minyak tanpa anjakan kuasa yang memuaskan?
    Mengapa perlu teragak-agak bila hendak memotong kereta di hadapan, yang juga mungkin merbahayakan pada kenderaan anda dan anda.

    Kini dengan adanya T.A.C (Technology Air Compressor) dapat membantu penyelesaian kenderaan anda. T.A.C berfungsi sebagai kawalan udara yang berlebihan di dalam “fuel injection”,”fuel pump” mahu pun “kaburator” kenderaan anda. T.A.C juga dapat mengawal angin yang berlebihan pada sistem “break” kenderaan anda.

    Apa yang di lakukan oleh T.A.C adalah sebagai alat kawalan penyelarasan angin pada mana-mana bahagian yang berlebihan seperti kemasukan angin di dalam “kaburator,fuel pump mahu pun fuel injection” kereta anda. Penyelarasan angin ini amat ketara pada kenderaan anda. Jaminan pada peningkatan kuasa kuda anda melebihi dari 40% dari kuasa kuda asal kenderaan anda. Ianya menjadikan kenderaan anda menjadi lebih ringan dan penjimatan minyak amat ketara sekali. Kuasa untuk memotong dapat di rasai dari biasa, kerana anjakan kenderaan anda telah meningkat ketahap 49% kuasa tambahan penyelalasan angin yang berlebihan di dalam sistem kaburator,fuel injection,fuel pump dan juga sistem break kenderaan anda.
    Pencapaian pada tahap maximum juga dapat di rasai pada “Plug N Play” jika anda peminat pada pecutan maximum.

    Jaminan barangan kami sehingga anda menukar kereta anda.(kecuali rosak di sebab kan kecuaian atau sengaja di ubah suai lainya)
    T.A.C telah lebih dari 10th dalam pasaran.

    Keistimewaan lainya
    1) Engine lebih senyap selapas pemasangan
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    5) Sistem aircond (hawa dingin) lebih efektif
    6) Kuasa kuda kenderaan anda meningkat pada 40% ke 60% (ada jaminan)
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    Ini kerana kenderaan anda telah selaras dengan kawalan angin yang telah di “setting” pada tahap penyesuaian kenderaan anda.

    Harga Untuk Setting Standard RM 800.00
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    Dicatat oleh Jimat Minyak\Tingkat Kuasa Kuda di 19:22 0 ulasan Email This
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    Dicatat oleh Jimat Minyak\Tingkat Kuasa Kuda di 10:04 0 ulasan Email This
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    Saturday, 5 November 2011
    Jimat Minyak T.A.C: Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Jimat Minyak T.A.C: Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Jimat Minyak T.A.C: Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan: Cuba dahulu baru tahu……….

    Mengapa perlu menekan pedal minyak tanpa anjakan kuasa yang memuaskan?
    Cubalah alat tambahan T.A.C kenderaan anda akan dapat anda rasa kepuasanya….

    Jaminan tanpa BAYARAN jika tiada ketara KUASA setelah pemasangan.

    Talian Dari Luar Malaysia
    +60 12 781 6732
    +60 19 248 3750

    Kalimantan Timur
    +628 13 5030 1788 Mr Ali Taylor
    +628 12 5893 948 Mr Yossy
    Dicatat oleh Jimat Minyak\Tingkat Kuasa Kuda di 13:17 1 ulasan Email This
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    Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Penjimatan Minyak Dengan Jaminan
    Mampukah TAC menangani kenderaan anda?
    Ya! TAC dapat mengatasi masaalah kenderaan anda dengan tahap maksima.

    Ketaraan maksima dapat anda rasakan setelah pemasangan TAC pada sistem pengawalan angin yang berlebihan dalam sistem pembakaran bahan bakar kenderaan anda. Kenderaan anda akan berasa lebih efektif setelah kawalan TAC dalam sistem “in let air” yang terkawal.

    “Kepuasan Anda Adalah Kepuasan Kami”

    Dicatat oleh Jimat Minyak\Tingkat Kuasa Kuda di 12:38

    Comment by Tim Haname Saim — November 19, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

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