All of us worry about the constant rise in gas and fuel prices. To say the least, gas and fuel prices have gone through the roof and have burnt many pockets and are poised to burn many more. Those of us, who own vehicles must certainly be considering all the options available to help us manage, control and save as much as we can on our gas and fuel costs. We cannot control gas and fuel prices. That is largely determined by government policy and the oil producers. So what is it that we can do? One option that is increasingly gaining worldwide popularity is the concept of water cars; cars that use water as combustion. Though cars that are designed and sold as water cars have not yet made it, there are devices that we can fix to our cars that can convert them to water hybrids.

Water cars technology is based on splitting water on board a vehicle, and using the resulting gases to boost the efficiency of its combustion. The first ranked water car kit in the marketplace is made up of a simple device that is a combination of an electrolyzer, bubbler and water reservoir. The device hardly requires any space worth mentioning. The main features and benefits offered by the different types of water car devices are almost similar. Prices vary together with the quality and quantity of their guides and illustrations.

There are a number of such devices that offer a simple, easy and safe way to install and even remove the devices. Huge savings have been documented from users all over the world. The devices, as expected, are doing exceptionally well in the market place and many new entrants are taking their positions alongside the established players. The best part is that the devices are amazingly affordable costing under USD 100 with a couple of them priced at less than USD 50. It gets even more reassuring with 100% money back guarantees. The devices or kits come with easy to follow guides, pages of illustrations and step-by-step instructions for a Do-It-Yourself installation. Initially, those who are not mechanically inclined might feel a little intimidated with the technical details but the overall information will help us to overcome such limitations.

Car owners will be relieved to learn that the devices will not cause any damage to their vehicles, do not void existing warranties and do not require any modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems. No special tools are required for installations which can be carried out by even beginners at home with the basic tools. Installations have been timed in minutes and removals in just seconds!

In using water car devices, users have reported lowered emissions, better performance and improved mileage due to a more efficient and complete combustion. It is well known that currently available internal combustion engines suffer from poor efficiency of 20%-25%. It is stated that 75%-80% of the gasoline, is actually converted to pollution and carbon deposits (unburned fuel), as well as heat (global warming), vibration and noise (knocking/pinging).

In addition to the above benefits, water car devices help engines to a daily steam clean for a smoother and quieter operation. The million dollar question: can water car devices be fixed on old cars? The good news is that the device can be installed and used on old cars, new cars, motor homes and even big rig trucks. It is suitable for carb, fuel injection, gas and diesel engines. Finally, there is some relieve from the spiraling gas and fuel prices at least for car and vehicle owners.

Stop spending more and start saving with water car devices that are an answer to all your anxiety and worry over rising gas and fuel prices. Obtain immediate and no worries relief with these devices which offer phenomenal savings and other benefits at prices beyond your wildest expectations. See our of the top water car devices and decide. You will be glad that you did.

Are you interested to find out more about you can use hydrogen as a car fuel? It may be because you want to avoid rising gas prices, and it is indeed true that many drivers like me are using hydrogen from water to run our cars today. With gas prices going up and up every day, I am glad that I have discovered water fuel technology.

1. The Secret of Hydrogen Car Fuel

People all over the world are converting their cars to run with water today. This was a previously unknown technology, but has seen a significant amount exposure lately due to the sharp increase in fuel prices. The truth is, you cannot yet power your car 100% on water. A combination of gasoline and water is needed. Drivers will need to build a low cost system into their cars that allows it to extract H2 gas from water first.

2. What Are Other Ways To Avoid High Gas Prices?

Even though I would say that using hydrogen fuel is the best alternative if you still want to use your car, there are several other common alternatives that people are using. Public transport is a popular choice for people living in big cities, or you could choose to buy a new hybrid car, although they do not come cheap.

3. Why Are More People Switching To Hydrogen Fuel Technology?

By using this technology to power my car, I have found that the engine can run quieter and smoother, and my gas mileage has increased as well. By burning hydrogen, there is also less unburned fuel emitted from my exhaust system, thus polluting the environment less.

Most important, many cost savings benefits can be realized with this invention. By running your car on water, you can also get an IRS refund like a hybrid car. This system can be easily built from home for less than $150, and has been helping me save a lot of money because of the lower levels of gasoline I need to buy.

Many people whom I know are very skeptical of cars that can run on water when I mention it to them. But the moment they see my car running on water, they are absolutely stunned. I can tell you that rumors of cars running on water are true, but it can be complicated to learn if you only surf around the internet for bits and pieces of information. What you need is an accurate, step by step guide that is proven to work. But if it does work, why isn’t everyone running their cars on water today?

1. Has A Hydrogen Car Ever Been Created?

Yes. In fact, cars that run on water have already been created years ago, and is not some sort of breakthrough technology. But it has not been widely broadcasted, because the mass media must follow the rules set by the government. The government have certain power about what should be reported to the public, so the mass media may not report everything that they know.

Now, you may be wondering why the government would choose to censor the technology from the general public, which leads me to my next question.

2. Who Loses Out The Most If This Technology Is Publicized?

Firstly, you must understand who stands to benefit the most when this technology is exposed. Commoners like you and me have to purchase and rely on companies selling oil and fuel if we want to power our cars. World leaders and oil companies are earning billions of dollars from the oil industry, and with worldwide demand for fuel increasing everyday, no one is sure when fuel prices will stop increasing.

If more and more people ran their cars on water and hydrogen, worldwide demand for fuel would fall. Revenues of oil companies would be hit hard, and world powerhouses will stand to lose a lot power in the political stage.

3. The Truth Of A Water Powered Car Plan

This article clearly highlights the fact that the hydrogen car technology has been around for a long time, but has been kept well hidden. This technology will soon revolutionize the way people power their cars, and you can convert your car to run on water and save on fuel costs too!

Are you sick of expensive gas prices, and you want to build a water powered car?

Are you interested to find out how you can have your car running on water? Many people are still skeptical about this idea, but this is indeed possible today. People across the globe are converting their cars with the water hybrid technology. This can be achieved when H2O is combusted with gas, and it will be discussed in further detail in this article.

1. How Does A Car Run on Water?

You will need to have your car battery generate electricity to electrolyze water in order to create this technology. By doing that, your car can extract a gas called oxyhydrogen or Brown Gas that is able to produce energy large enough to run your car. The end product of this process is oxygen and water.

2. Why Should You Run Your Car On Water?

With this water fuel technology, I have personally saved more than 50% in fuel costs savings ever since I started using this system. As stated earlier, the by products from burning water are also cleaner than burning gasoline, as burning gasoline would only produce dirty carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment.

3. How Can You Build This System For Yourself?

Most people would choose to do it themselves as it is more affordable, although you also have the option buy an expensive hydrogen gas car kit from the market.

If you choose to build this hybrid car system yourself, it should cost you less than RM400, and you can do it from your own home. All you need are some parts and materials that you can find at any hardware store and you may possibly even have some of them at home already.

4. Conclusion

I personally feel that people should switch to running their cars with water. It is more environmentally friendly, and does not contribute to global warming as much as burning gasoline does. It also helps drivers save up on ever-increasing gas costs, thus running a car with water seem like the natural choice if you own an automobile.

I don’t know about you, but with gas prices the way they are, I’m struggling just to survive. I’m a single mom with four kids, a mortgage, auto loan etc.

Spending hundreds of dollars a month on gas for my car is absolutely ridiculous! What really gets me mad is, not only have the oil companies driven the price of gas up, they are in co-hoots with the auto makers and the Federal Government to keep automobile engines running inefficiently by manipulating the fuel to air mixture ratio to convert the fuel you put into your car into only 25% actual energy for movement and the rest is unburned and blown out your tail pipe.

This inefficient burning also is bad on your engine, thus ensuring failure within twelve to fifteen years, if you’re lucky.

When I found out the technology currently exists to create a gasoline/water hybrid that would cut your fuel expenses by 50%, I was furious.

I’m not talking about hydrogen fuel cells either. I’m talking about a very practical and inexpensive system that separates the water molecules into what is called Brown’s Gas which mixes with the gasoline and allows it to burn more efficiently, drastically improving gas mileage while reducing engine wear.

Did you know that you can actually build one of these systems and install it in your vehicle in less than a day?

I was shocked to hear about it as well but actually saw it in operation. My neighbor added it to his car a few months ago and cut his fuel cost by 80%.

You don’t have to modify your engine either. In fact, you can remove the system in under three minutes…not sure why you would want to though.

I’ve installed one on my car recently and it really was as easy as my neighbor claimed it to be. I’m a woman who has trouble changing a light bulb so if I can do it, anyone can.

I’ve seen a drastic improvement in engine performance, no more knocking and my fuel mileage is way better. I’m tracking it over a few months so I know exactly what I’m getting but my wallet already feels the relief!


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