Semasa Pameran Elektonik Pengguna (CES) tahun 2008 di Las Vegas, terdapat Alatbersumber tenaga dari air digunakan untuk caj laptop dan lain lain peralatan elektronik. Syarikat pengeluar minyak sebenarnya telah lama cuba menghalang tenaga dari air ini digunakan dalam industri automotif, tapi mereka tidak boleh menutup mulut selama lamanya. Nicola Tesla telah menemui sumber air sebagai tenaga pembakar satu abad yang lalu tetapi kerana sebab sebab politik dan ekonomi maklumat ini dihalang daripada di sebarkan kepada ramai.

Learn how Hydrogen On Demand technology
works, why it’s safe, how it will benefit you, and why the big
car companies aren’t already manufacturing cars with the
technology already installed.
So what is this big Secret “Big Oil” and The Big 3 Automakers
don’t want you to Know?
Big Oil Wants You to Waste Gas!
The Big 3 Automakers want your engine to burn hotter and clog
itself up With unburned fuel as carbon deposits!
Simple: They want to Sell more Gas and More Cars.
The modern car engine today is poorly designed from an efficiency
standpoint.It actually waste’s far more fuel than is really
necessary. In the US, every car sold by law, must have a large
and expensive catalytic converter, just to burn off all the
un-burned fuel from the engine! The excess fuel not burned in
the engine gets wasted and contributes to pollution in the form
of heat and noxious emissions. Now imagine what would happen if
you could somehow break the cycle of all this wasted fuel?
Introducing the Hydrogen On Demand System.
The Hydrogen On Demand System works by adding a small amount of
HHO gas to your cars existing fuel mixture. The HHO Gas is
produced by the electrolysis of ordinary water and Baking Soda,
using your car’s battery for power.
When the HHO gas is mixed with your existing fuel, the results are
simply amazing.
1.Better Acceleration: The fuel burns more completely, due to
the increased octane effect the HHO Gas has when mixed with
gasoline. It stands to reason that if your burning fuel more
efficiently and completely your engine will have more power
and acceleration.
2.The engine runs cooler and smoother. No more knocking and pinging
3.The cleaner burning fuel leaves very little carbon deposits,
so you have a cleaner engine. Cleaner engine=Lower maintenance costs
4.Because the Hydrogen On Demand System doesn’t create carbon,
unlike petroleum based fuels,you have less emissions and therefore
contribute less to Pollution and Global Warming.
The net result: Better MPG- Less Pollution

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