Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:24:57 AM by Red Badger

A British company, Hydrofuel Technologies Ltd, is urging motorists to use water to reduce fuel costs with a car battery-powered onboard electrolyser, on its website. Hydrofuel’s DIY guide explains how motorists can convert cars to a water-burning hybrid to improve engine performance and save money. It says users of its system have reported mileage increases of between 50% and 100%.

Nadim Hussain, the firm’s MD, says: “We want to spread the word that water can be used to help power a car alongside petrol or diesel, and introduce this technology to the UK on a large scale, so that motorists can take control of their fuel costs and reduce their carbon ‘tyreprint’ at the same time.”

The identity and location of his company is not identified on the website, which offers its products priced in dollars. It is not connected to the Canadian company Global Hydrofuel Technologies Inc, which markets technology using aluminium to assist H2 electrolysis.

He explains how to use electricity from a car’s battery to separate water into HHO (2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen). It says introducing HHO to the fuel mixture significantly improves the combustion cycle of the engine, resulting in improved mileage and lower emissions. Unlike the product of hydrogen fuel cell technology, this combustible gas is only extracted and burned as needed, making it “completely safe” and removing the need for storage tanks. The only by-product released into the air is water.

Hussain says users can expect “increased engine power, smoother gear changing and a cleaner, quieter, longer-lasting engine”.

Hussain adds: “Our water-hybrid system is cheaper and more effective than other forms of alternative fuel technology, such as LPG conversion, and will reduce the speed at which we are using up our declining oil reserves – without the environmental costs of bio-fuel production.” He says thousands of successful ‘water-conversions’ have been carried out around the world, providing proof that this technology works”.


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